Our Ongoing Projects

Pikepara Uttaran

Medical Camp

We arrange a medical camp on every 2nd Sunday of the month arrange near Ghaighata on Narikela, amkola, and Tangra villages. We organize free health care services for the people of rural areas where they can get free health check-ups, free medicine, etc.

Distribution of old/new winter garments

The members of our society arrange cloth distribution camps every year with the help of local business owners. In these camps, we distribute blankets, woolen wrapper and clothes to the poor and homeless people of rural areas. We also distribute school uniforms to poor students. Every year we also distribute saree to women who work as a maid on special occasions like Durga puja or Eid.

Adult Education Program

We started a teaching class  for Maid-servants in a slum area near Uttarpara of Hooghly District. We have started the supporting program to the needy women in the area through distributing books free of cost, distributing educational materials and coaching support for them. There is a plan for us to take this educational support to a structured one in the future.

Setting up the Free Old-Home and the Children Care unit

The society is trying to acquire land at Majdia near Nadia for setting up a free old age home and children unit. Here we will take care of old people and children who are underprivileged and homeless; will provide them food and shelter.

Gyan Lahari

Pikepara Uttaran is a government-registered NGO that initiated its venture in the year 2014 with the view to serving mankind. From the inception, our only motto was to stay by the side of those people who are being deprived and denied of the facilities that every citizen of a nation should be provided with. India is the source of the largest and greatest youth power. Health and education are two such wings based on which our young generation can become the dictator of a new era. We previously organized many programs which were in urban areas as well as in remote villages which were hugely appreciated by all and sundry.

Uttaran has surveyed and observed the deplorable condition the underprivileged children are reeling under when it comes to health and education. So, we decided to take a noble step to eradicate this inequality. Now we have launched a new project called “GYAN LAHARI ” now working in Naihati in North 24 pgs district, with the help of the residents and the well-wisher. Here in Naihati we impart education to nearly 50 students of the age level  4 yr- 13 yr from a very humble background and different cast and religion. They are also learning to develop their skill in various activities such as drawing, quiz, debate, etc. The development and confidence among them are vivid. The huge response and the enthusiasm among them and their parents motivate us to build up more such establishments. So long some of our very kind-hearted well-wishers have been bearing all the expenses. But it demands a huge amount to erect such infrastructure. So on behalf of those kids who need it the most, we pledge to the West Bengal Government to grant our appeal for some financial support so that we can accomplish these upheld tasks and fulfill the dream of those children.