Our Activities

Pikepara Uttaran

Women Empowerment

We all know that women are the foundation of the family and while talking about the welfare of the family women welfare is more important. From our NGO we try to empower the women through various workshops and courses. We organize vocational training for women and adolescent girls. If they start incoming the family will get the benefits and thus every family will grow. We are toiling hard for the sustainable development of the women of various sectors from backward to deprived class and socioeconomic groups. We focus on Women’s Development & Empowerment through various programs like health awareness programs, vocational training, and educational camps, etc. which will help them to become self-independent.

Mother & Child Health Care

The organization has been maintaining a door to door service for the health-care of women and children of the locality. We often organized several group discussions with mothers for better maintenance of the little family and how to take proper health care of the prenatal and postnatal mothers. The medicines were distributed. These medicines are mainly received from the local hospitals and free samples of the local doctors.

Child Education

Children are the future of our society, they will take us ahead in the world, and will represent us in a new way. But before that, the children should be in a healthy society where they will get an education, will be free to learn & grow and most of all get their basic rights. Unfortunately, most of the children in our society don’t get proper food and shelter, education is a farthing for them. We started a teaching class where the volunteers teach the children up to 14 years to provide basic education to them. We have started the supporting program to the needy children in the area through distributing books free of cost, distributing educational materials and coaching support for them. There is a plan for us to take this educational support to a structured one in the future.

Health Awareness

We are conducting various Health Awareness Camps to fight against Polio, Malaria, Filaria, T.B etc. We organize free health care services for the people of rural areas where they can get free health check-ups, free medicine, etc. Some health awareness camps are arranged to give a basic cure to the deprived and underprivileged people; and with the help of & support from the local community, well-wishers and donors, we have established a charitable dispensary. In this dispensary, every month a health program is organized for the residents.

Children Related Activities

  • The members spent a day with the children of HELGO PROJECT(A project for the improvement of child labor) in Feb 2015. Done drawing, quiz, recitation, and lots of fun.
  • We arranged an awareness camp on health and hygiene in Ambedkar Free primary school in April 2015.
  • In August 2015 we started the project GYAN LAHARI for the underprivileged children of the Naihati jute mill area.
  • Distributed gifts for sports for the children of GYAN LAHARI on 12th January 2016.
  • Also distributed blankets on PRANABANANDA KANYA ASHRAM(A girl orphanage) in February 2016.
  • The Children of project GYAN LAHARI celebrated Independence day by performing a cultural program on 15th august 2016.