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    Uttaran Plot

Uttaran story was about two young girls ....
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Nandish is a Model and leads an ...
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Uttaran Plot

Uttaran was started as story about two young girls with completely different backgrounds- Tapasya, who is daughter of a rich Businessman and Ichcha, daughter of her maidservant, Damini.  Ichcha wears the cast off cloths of Tapasya, also plays with the discarded toys of Tappu (Tapasya). These girls become friends because they play and live together in the same house. Meanwhile a revelation happens that Jogi Thakur is the man who accidentally killed Ichcha’s father in a road accident. When this truth unfolds, Jogi Thakur feels guilty and takes the responsibility of Ichcha, becoming her foster father. This provides Ichcha with a good education, living standards and everything a rich girl should have.

With Ichcha getting more affection from family, Tapasya feels jealous. This jealousy is fanned by Divya’s maternal aunt- Sumitra Devi. It leads to a Situation where a suitor to Tapasya, Veer Singh Bundela, comes to visit Tapasya for finalizing their marriage, falls in love with Ichcha and asks for her hand in marriage. Thakur family approves it and Sumitra Devi, again poisons Tapasya against Ichcha. Drama reaches to heights where Tapasya leaves Siddhartha, disguises as Ichcha on wedding day, and marries Veer. Veer, does not accept Tapasya as his wife and Jogi Thakur also gets very angry with her. However, Veer’s mother- Gunvanti, accepts this relationship thinking it would be better.

Later on, Uttaran story takes a new turn when Ichcha also starts coming to Bundela family and treats the elder son Vansh, who is partially insane, with her good nature. This leads to the marriage of Vansh and Ichcha. However, Tapasya plays vile on their wedding night and tells Vansh that Ichcha does not love him but veer and shows some photographs that were taken at the time of Veer-Ichcha engagement. This creates tension between newly wedded couple. It creates a lot of drama between the two couples of Bundela family and Vansh, who ultimately finds the truth, shot himself dead in front of Tapasya after an intense argument. This is being shot by ex-lover of Tapasya, Siddhartha. He sends the recording of this incident to Bundela Family and Tapasya is discarded from both Bundela and Thakur’s family, again plans up against Ichcha who later on Marries Veer.

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